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As a special information resource to clients we have introduced a superseded product feature. The feature lists the superseded products for reference and has a link to the replacement product.

  • Eco Pull Strap Seal 350MM
    Eco Pull Strap Seal 350MM
  • EG4 Envopak Bag
    EG4 Envopak Bag
  • HG4 Envopak Bag
    HG4 Envopak Bag
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The A to Z of Security Seal styles

With the vast number of security seals available today, it is important to know what makes one security seal style different to another. Before, diving into the different seal styles, it is essential to note that a common and vital security component, common among all the different styles is numbering. Security seal numbering must be unique in order to identify the security seal. Harcor’s leadership position in the Australian security market is in part due the propriety system developed to protect millions of security seals against serial number duplication. The system also enables fast serial numbering and tracking. Harcor continue to invest in both hardware and software, such as Exact & Track, to maintain its reputation for unparallel reliability. Many of the security seal styles listed below have a print area that can be used for branding. Harcor established the first, and to their knowledge, the only dedicated security seal printing service in Australia. The local printing operations includes both thermal transfer and hot foil stamping. A minimum quality and stamping changes are normally applicable for custom printing. Please contact the team for more information and professional advice, if you are considering having security seals stamped with a logo, barcodes or anything else. Without further ado, here are the list of security seal styles available: