Ballot security

Having supplied custom ballot bags that are well known for security and reliability for many decades, Harcor are respected as the local ballot security experts. In addition to a range of sealable custom ballot bags and satchels, other ballot security essentials like custom printed sealing tapes are also supplied. The tapes are used to secure ballot boxes.

From custom ballot paper exchange bags to security crates used to transport the ballot bags, contact Harcor for expert advice.

  • Ballot Bag - Large
    Ballot Bag - Large
    450 x 600 x 450 mm
  • Ballot Bag - Small
    Ballot Bag - Small
    400 x 250 x 250 mm
  • Ballot Box
    Ballot Box
    Custom size
  • A4 Platinum Government Bag
    A4 Platinum Government Bag
  • Custom Designed Security Bag
    Custom Designed Bag One Trip Bag
  • Total Transfer Security Tape
    Total Transfer Security Tape
  • Tesa Tape (Tamper Evident Tape)
    Tesa Tape (Tamper Evident Tape)
  • Security Crate 68 Litre
    Security Crate 68 Litre
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