Bar Seals

Harcor supply a large assortment of container seals. In addition to high security bolt seals that are used for sealing containers, the demand for barrier seals has also increased.

Bar Seals

A bar security seal requires both a power cutting tool such as an angle grinder and a cable cutter for removal to prevent break-ins by thieves who generally do not carry such sophisticated tools with them. More than a container seal, more than a container lock, bar seals are both, and then some. Affixing a high security barrier seal to the container’s keeper bars prevent container doors from swinging open. If you are looking for the best container security on the market, you cannot get better than the range of container seals from Harcor.

 bar security seal on a shipping container

  • Two Seal
    Two Seal
  • HP2000K
  • HP2000
  • Sealock SU2013
    Sealock SU2013
  • Sealock SU2009
    Sealock SU2009
  • 703 Barrier Security Seal
    Bar Security Seal

Container Seals (Bar Seal Information)

Bar seals are used to prevent break-ins, protect cargo and improve supply chain integrity. Key benefits of using bar seals • Easily mounts to containers in seconds without the need for tools • Dual functionality (seals and locks containers) • Requires two cuts, and power tools for removal • Designed to fit most swing door conveyances • Identical numerical sequence appears on all three components for added security. • Harcor bar seals range is compliant with C-TPAT/ISO and A.E.O. If you think barrier seals could be the ideal container sealing and locking system for you, please contact Harcor for assistance taking your container security to the next level.

 bar security seal protecting cargo