Medication Storage

For more than 50 years, Harcor has built a reputation in Australia and abroad as a leading supplier of bags. Harcor services the specialised bag needs of more than 4,000 clients across many industries, including the emergency services and the health sectors, that use the bags for medical storage.

Harcor have developed medical bags with easy to clean internals. This is very beneficial as thorough cleaning can be a time consuming. As a specialist manufacturer, we can provide advice on improved ways to store medication.

Looking for a custom bag for medical storage? Contact Harcor today for friendly advice.

  • Top Open Bag
    Top Open Cash Bag
    190 x 280 x 60 mm
  • Utility Bag
    Utility Cash Bag
    380 x 280 x 100 mm
  • T2 Bag with Handles
    T2 Bag with Handles
    360 x 460 x 100 mm
  • Custom Designed Security Bag
    Custom Designed Bag One Trip Bag
  • Medical Backpack Blue
    Medical Backpack Blue
  • PVC Medical Kit Bag
    PVC Medical Kit Bag
  • Insulated Medication Bag
    Insulated Medication Bag
  • Sample Transport Bag
    Sample Transport Bag
  • Decontamination Kit
    Decontamination Kit
  • Night Safe Bag
    Night Safe Bag
  • Padded Drug Safe Bag
    Padded Drug Safe Bag
  • Compact First Aid Bag
    Compact First Aid Bag
  • Single Responder Bag
    Single Responder Bag
  • Paediatric BVM Obstetrics Bag
    Paediatric BVM Obstetrics Bag
  • Airway Bag
    Airway Bag
  • Trauma Bag
    Trauma Bag
  • ALS Response Bag
    ALS Response Bag
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