Security Labels & Tape

Security Labels

Harcor is able to supply an array of security labels and tapes. The security labels recommended will depend on aesthetic requirements, application and surface. Please view the examples photos: This shows two commonly used security labels - residue and non-residue. The residue security label leaves a film behind and additionally shows a void/open message when removed. The non-residue security label does not leave a film behind but will show the void/open message on the surface when removed.

  • HNR (Non Residue) Security Label
    HNR (Non Residue) Label
  • HR (Residue) Security Label
    HR (Residue) Label
  • Custom Security Label For Food Delivery
    Custom Security Label For Food Delivery
  • SCEC V6 Security Label
    SCEC V6 Security Label
  • M9 Label (Previously known as Mikoh Label)
    M9 Label (Previously known as Mikoh Label)
  • Self Destruct Label - Small
    Self Destruct Label - Small
  • Self Destruct Label - Large
    Self Destruct Label - Large
  • Total Transfer Security Tape
    Total Transfer Security Tape
  • Tesa Tape (Tamper Evident Tape)
    Tesa Tape (Tamper Evident Tape)
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