Easy Break Security Seals

This collection shows security seals that are easy to remove by hand and offers reliable tamper evident security. The easy break characteristic is convenient and can be essential in emergency cases. A few of the popular applications include sealing fire extinguishers, fire exits, drums, emergency equipment, catering trolleys and general tagging. The seals shown below suit many varied applications. The adjustable security seal's narrow tail make it perfect for applications that require a narrow diameter tail. The padlock style seal is also very adaptable.

Plastic Pull-Tight Style Seals

Prior to use detach the single security seal to be installed from the mat of seals. The seal’s tail is then pulled through the chamber's sealing aperture by hand which contains a latching mechanism. Some seals in this collection have the text "enter" embossed above the aperture to show where to first thread the seal's tail. The latching mechanism prevents tail removal. Doing this creates a loop that can be tightened around the item being sealed. It also important to record the serial number during this process if unique identification is required.

Easy Break Security Seals


Checking the serial number is often the first operation for inventory control and accountability. In addition to this for those unfamiliar with the seals being used, a sample of a genuine seal can be supplied for comparison. The advantage of Plastic Pull-Tight style of seals is that they are simply removed by hand. The flag of the seal can be twisted until the seal breaks and can then be removed. The seal can no longer be used and evidence of access is now clearly visible.

numbered security seal

  • Plastic Pulltight V2 Seal
    Plastic Pulltight V2 Seal
    238 mm Length
  • Springlok
  • Cashier Seal
    Cashier Seal
    246 mm Length
  • Speed Seal
    Security Seal for speedy sealing
    380 mm Length
  • S Grip
    S Grip Blue
    255 mm or 405 mm Length
  • Harclip® Seal
    Harclip® Seal
  • Themis® Seal
    Themis® Seal
  • Envopolyseals

Strength Testing

This photo shows strength testing by Harcor. A security seal in the easy break category should be easy to remove by hand and maintain strength integrity. The Plastic Pulltight V2 shown is one of the most popular seal choices if you are looking for an adjustable easy break security seal. Looking to colour code for faster identification? The Plastic Pulltight V2 Seal is available in 5 colours. Different colour seals are often used show content status. For example, a resuscitation trolley with a green security seal intact could indicate that it is fully stocked. The serial numbering is laser printed offering added security. The seal is also usable in extreme temperatures -20 °C to 80 °C. Being self-locking, no tools are required for removal.

strength testing security seal

Tear-Line Security Seals

Speed, Cashier and S-Grip security seals are available with or without the tear line. The tear line is used to enable super quick removal by hand. If the seal has an integrated label holder, detaching it makes it easier to remove the seal by hand. To remove the seal simply hold the flag in one hand and use the other hand to pull on the tab with the tear feature.

security seal with quick removal feature

Security Seals With Break Point

The padlock style seal, Springlok, has a special break point on the seal's spear to ensure fast removal. Not all padlock style seals have this feature. The seal can be closed using one hand. Simply twisting the seal as shown in the video will remove it. The seal is available in blue, green, red and yellow.

padlock style security seal