Specialty Bags

Harcor manufactures and sources a remarkable assortment of bags to meet their client’s specific requirements. As a bag manufacturer, we offer most of our specialty bag styles in a number of colours and sizes. Please contact us to discuss your custom bag requirements.

  • Attendants Pouch
    Attendants Pouch
  • Calico Coin Bag
    Calico Coin Bag
  • Cotton Drawstring Bag
    Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • Elongated Duffle Bag
    Elongated Duffle Bag
  • Heavy Duty Kit Bag
    Heavy Duty Kit Bag
  • Outdoor Logbook Bag
    Outdoor Logbook Bag
  • Logbook Equipment Bag
    Logbook Equipment Bag
  • Personal Effects Storage Bag
    Personal Effects Storage Bag
  • Structure Helmet Bag
    Structure Helmet Bag
  • Sample Transport Bag
    Sample Transport Bag
    Custom size
  • Art Transport Bag
    Art Transport Bag
  • Padded Folder Bag
    Padded Folder Bag
  • ATM Bag
    ATM Bag
    400 x 260 x 240 mm