Securing floats

Harcor bags have been used to secure floats for many decades. The reusable security bags are the most popular style for this application. A security seal is placed in the bag’s chamber to secure the float. The seals are available in a variety of colours. The different seal colours are commonly used to represent the bag’s content status. For example, one colour security seal can be used to indicate a correct float (morning counted), another can be used for returning floats. You can allocate a different status to each seal colour. Multiple security seal colours are available.

Each security seal has a unique number. Harcor has developed a proprietary numbering system to enable fast tracking and eliminate duplication. This, in addition to patented security bag’s designs, has resulted in Harcor becoming the leading supplier of security bags in Australia.

  • Large Coin Bag
    Large Coin Bag
  • Stock Drop Box Bag
    Stock Drop Box Bag
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