Sealing dangerous goods

Padlocks are opened and closed without evidence of the incident. Therefore, security seals have been the answer to protecting the integrity of dangerous goods shipments.

When moving goods that are potentially hazardous, it is essential that the shipments can be immediately inspected for unauthorised access. The security seals unique serial numbering enables further identification of the shipment. That is why it is not only important to have a hard-wearing security seal in place (especially if the shipment is subjected to harsh environmental conditions) but also serial number integrity that you can rely on. That is why Harcor is leading this field having locally developed an advanced system for serial number management. The system enables fast tracking and prevents number duplication issues.

  • S204 Breakaway Cable Seal
    S204 Breakaway Cable Seal
    1.8 mm Diameter / 300 mm or 900 mm Length
  • Self Destruct Label - Large
    Self Destruct Label - Large
  • Self Destruct Label - Small
    Self Destruct Label | 38mm round | White | Pre-printed | Serial Numbered (1000 label roll)
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