Sealing carts and trolleys

The range of security seals shown are used for diverse applications such as sealing airline carts, trolley draws, roller cages and much more.

In addition to tamper evident security, seals speed up content and asset identification. The colour of a seal can be used to indicate the type of content or its status. For example, a resuscitation trolley draw with a security label in place, could indicate that there is no need to restock the draws contents.

Security seals include unique serial numbering. These numbers can be used for identification and tracking. Security seals can be custom printed with logo, serial numbering and barcoding. Contact Harcor, for assistance in selecting the right seal for your application

  • Plastic Pulltight V2 Seal
    Plastic Pulltight V2 - White / Numbered (1000 Unit Carton)
    238 mm Length
  • SKY200 Pull Up Seal
    SKY200 Pull Up Seal
    250 mm Length
  • HS1 Security Seal
    HS1 Security Seal
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