Eco Seal Range

The Eco Seal range was developed due to the increasing demand for low cost security seals without quality compromises. Many businesses due to the economy are looking for way to reduce costs while not affecting operations. It was those businesses that promoted the idea of compiling a range of budget seals that maintained the quality that you have come to expect from Harcor products.

The concept was to use economies of scale to procure an enormous volume of specific seals that fit a wide variety of applications. After many months of evaluation and testing the product development team announced the launch of the Eco Seals range this year.

The range of unbeatable price Eco Seals includes Bolt, Cable, Fixed Length and Adjustable Seals. Please contact your closest Harcor branch to obtain prices or find out more.

  • SKY300 Pull UP Seal
    SKY300 Pull UP Seal
    350 mm Length
  • SKY200 Pull Up Seal
    SKY200 Pull Up Seal
    250 mm Length
  • Eco Bolt Seal
    Eco Bolt Seal - Serial Numbered - White (60 Unit Pack)
  • Eco Cable Seal 1.5MM
    Eco Cable Seal 1.5MM
    1.5 mm Diameter / 400 mm Length
  • Eco Cable Seal 3.0 MM
    Eco Cable Seal 3.0MM
    3 mm Diameter / 300 mm Length
  • Eco Fixed Length Ring Seal
    Eco Fixed Length Ring Seal
    212 mm Length
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