Counterfeit Protection (Labels and Foils)
Counterfeit Protection (Labels and Foils)

Counterfeit Protection (Labels and Foils)

The combination of the latent image and hologram technologies is unique and internationally-patented.
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Harcor Security Seals and ATB have a formed a joint collaboration to provide latent image and hologram technologies into the Australian market.

Core Specifications


Counterfeit security
  • Harcor Warranty
  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Design

Product Details

It is the result of an extensive research effort covering the fields of chemistry, molecular physics and mechanics of polymer-based materials and optics. In particular, polarization effects to produce invisible images which can only be seen through a special light-refracting polarizer.

The Technology:

  • Protects goods and documents from forgery
  • Precludes every means of duplication
  • Assists producers to secure their exclusive and/or intellectual property rights
  • Enables any consumer to determine product authenticity directly at the point of sale
  • Provides consumers and inspectors with an easy-to-use authenticity tool
  • Authenticity without resorting to expensive labware  and special skills
  • Determines the product’s authenticity instantly
  • Makes possible the application of protective elements to virtually any type of goods
  • Ensures reliable protection of any product

We offer the following application methods

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Strips of various width applied by hot stamping or lamination
  • Lamination foils
  • Local marks applied by hot stamping including register application

Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels, the most user-friendly protective tool, can be applied both manually and automatically. The surface material of the object to be protected and the type of the base substrate determine the end use of self-adhesive labels and the choice of the adhesive. As a rule an easy-to-disrupt base material such as thin paper or synthetic paper with splitting effect is chosen for security self-adhesive labels. Different types of perforation can be used to increase the disruptive effect.

Security stripes

Tax and excise stamps are very important instruments for protecting interests of the state and volume producers. These stamps are produced in huge volumes and thus call for fairly inexpensive protective tools. The most optimal solution is a simultaneous application of several security stripes by hot stamping using high speed roll-to-roll or sheet fed presses or laminators with stripe load option. The same technique can be used for applying stripes on thermocaps for alcoholic beverages.


Laminates are transparent or semitransparent films to be applied on a product or document without altering its appearance to provide additional protection functions. The difference between transparent or semitransparent laminates lies in the fact that transparent laminates need a reflecting layer on which the security effect can be visualized while semitransparent ones can be seen anywhere. Roll-to-roll or sheet fed laminators are used for lamination. Sheet fed laminators are usually employed to laminate documents printed by sheet fed offset machines, while roll-to-roll laminators are as a rule used in conjunction with roll-to-roll flexo and offset machines.

The laminates that can be applied to aluminum foil. Thus, our products can be used without any changes in technology by the producers of packaging for medicine and shrinkable bottle caps.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping owes its popularity to its wide use in the production of various labels. It represents a cost-efficient method of putting marks of any shape on labels, packaging and promotional materials. These marks cannot be removed and placed on other products because stamped layers are only several microns thick. Sheet fed or roll-to-roll hot stamping presses and cliches are used for local hot stamping. Stamping in register or placing a separate image in a specified place on the label can be done only if the press is equipped with the foil mark registration system usually used for stamping holograms in register.

Additional security features

The above-mentioned protection marks could have the following additional security features:

  • Variable data
  • It can be used to create a data base of products and their movement or hold lotteries
  • Two-channel image