HNR (Non Residue) Label
HNR (Non Residue) | Blue | Pre-printed | Serial Numbered (1000 label roll)
HNR (Non Residue) | Blue | Pre-printed | Serial Numbered (1000 label roll)

HNR (Non Residue) Security Label

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This enhanced performance tamper evident label is ideal for applications where aesthetics are important.

Core Specifications

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Product Details

It shows a clear VOID/OPEN security message when the tamper evident label is lifted but does not leave a residue on the surface. Initially developed for use on the doors & hatches of aircraft when they are parked overnight or in flight, it is however suited for most non-porous surfaces. This product gives visual evidence of tampering or illegal entrance on aircraft, vehicles, doors, draws, sensitive equipment, lockers, containers, restricted areas, etc.

Application Example

Security labels found on resuscitation trolley drawers are one of the many examples of medical use. When the label is removed it leaves no residue on the drawer, however the face of the label changes to show the text "OPEN", alerting staff that the draw could require restocking.


  • Voiding seal.
  • Totally removable.
  • No residue.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Unique serial numbering.
  • Sequentially allocated serial numbering.
  • Barcode matches the serial number.


110 mm x 30 mm

Minimum Order

1 roll (1000 labels per roll)


Security labels can be logo'd and barcoded.
Other sizes available upon request.