CelloTrack Container Lock (+ Tracking)
CelloTrack Container Lock (Tracking Solution)
CelloTrack Container Lock (Tracking Solution)
CelloTrack Container Lock (Tracking Solution)
CelloTrack Container Lock (Tracking Solution)

CelloTrack Container Lock (+ Tracking)

The container lock also has a facility to apply a container security seal. Common container security seal styles that can be used include fixed length and bolt seals.

This electronic robust solution is based on the CelloTrack Power, offering agile tracking and cargo monitoring for containers with almost instant assembly and removal, eliminating the need to open the container and interfering with logistics operations such as authority inspections, transport, loading and unloading. It provides information on where the goods are at any given point and if there are any bottlenecks along the way.

The device accelerometer senses movement and an embedded magnetic sensor detects when the container´s doors are opened or tampered with.
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Container lock including a real-time monitoring system that keeps track of cargo throughout the supply chain.

Core Specifications


Vehicle tracking

Product Details


  • Highlights GNSS receiver, supporting GPS and GLONASS positioning engine and offering high acquisition and tracking performance.
  • Rugged IP67 enclosure for outdoor durability and long operating life.
  • Dual tampering detection mechanism to detect tampering of device from cradle and/or cradle from mounting surface.
  • Fully-featured fleet management capabilities.
  • High performance Li-Poly rechargeable battery with various battery solutions (3Y, 8M, XT).
  • Adaptive transmission rate, automatically adjusted as a function of external power availability and movement status.
  • 2 configurable GPIOs: can be used as general-purpose input/output supporting digital, analog, frequency counter inputs.
  • Built-in 3D accelerometer for movement and towing detection. MMI: Programmable push button and two monitoring LEDs for GSM/GPS status.
  • 100 Built-in Geo-fences. Easy installation, including built-in zip tie holes and optional magnetic cradle.
  • CelloTrack accessories include: cradle, magnetic cradle, lighter harnesses*, charger**.
  • Cellocator + maintenance server compliant.

Track it All (CelloTrack)

A standalone, self-powered, mobile device, equipped with a durable and long-life battery as well as a IP67 weatherproof casing. This device functions optimally without direct access to a power supply, without ongoing maintenance and with high resilience under severe conditions.

CelloTrack "Power" includes a device with an internal charger.

CelloTrack "Power" Add-On Accessories

• Analog Temperature Sensor - connects to the analog input of the unit. Available in 5m and 20m lengths and has a temperature range of-40ºC to +75ºC.
• Door Sensor – a massive and rugged device used to detect the opening of doors, especially in container/trailer applications.
• Fuel Level Sensor - measures the fuel level in the vehicle tank.
• Fuel Cap Protector - disables access to the fuel tank when closed and reports on fuel cap openings.

CelloTrack Container Lock Installation Time

6 seconds

Fleet Logistics

The CelloTrack Power device, when installed on a trailer, provides information on the precise location of the trailer, including alerts in case it breaches a predefined geofence. In addition, the device recognizes if the trailer has been connected to a truck and whether it is currently on the move. The CelloTrack power device recharges the battery while the trailer is connected to the truck and uses its long life baterry when disconnected.

Container Security & Cargo Logistics

Large industrial companies that deliver valuable cargo using containers often encounter theft and tampering attempts, leading to significant financial damages. In addition to insuring valuable cargo, monitoring is required along the cargo’s journey, from the point of origin to the point of delivery. CelloTrack can be covertly installed inside the container, allowing the continuous tracking of the container and cargo and providing logistic and inventory information including alerts when there is a deviation from the route. In addition, the CelloTrack Container Lock can be installed on the outside to provide indication if the container has been opened during the supply chain.