Are you looking to have custom backpacks produced? You have found the right bag company. Harcor manufactures and sources an impressive variety of bags. The backpacks below show the variety of styles that are available, however we are not limited to only these examples. Except for the Clear PVC Backpack, these bags are being displayed to show our backpack portfolio and are not for individual sale.

  • Medical Backpack Blue
    Medical Backpack Blue
  • Clear PVC Backpack
    Clear PVC Backpack
  • Soft Touch Backpack
    Soft Touch Backpack
  • Backpack with Rain Cover
    Backpack with Rain Cover
  • City Walk Backpack
    City Walk Backpack
  • City Walk Backpack with Mobile Pouch
    City Walk Backpack with Mobile Pouch
  • Compression Backpack
    Compression Backpack
  • Checked Backpack
    Checked Backpack
  • PVC Backpack
    PVC Backpack
  • Oxygen Backpack
    Oxygen Backpack