PVC Bags

The PVC Bag styles we offer are highly durable and have the added befit off being high strength and easy to clean. Can’t find the PVC bag style you are looking for? Not a problem, as a bag manufacturer we can create bags from client concepts or designs.

Custom PVC Bag Specialists!

Harcor manufacturer a wide range of PVC bags. We can supply a stock bag or custom manufacture to your requirements. Our specialist sales representatives are ready to assist with development of your custom bag from design to manufacture. You can select from a number of colours, features and closures, these include standard kiss zips or security chambers.

Custom PVC Bags

  • Clear PVC Backpack
    Clear PVC Backpack
  • Large Mail Bag
    Large Mail Bag
  • Standard Mail Bag
    Standard Mail Bag
  • Logbook Equipment Bag
    Logbook Equipment Bag
  • Outdoor Logbook Bag
    Outdoor Logbook Bag
  • Personal Effects Storage Bag
    Personal Effects Storage Bag
  • Carry Handle Rope Bag
    Carry Handle Rope Bag
  • Night Safe Bag
    Night Safe Bag
  • Padded Drug Safe Bag
    Padded Drug Safe Bag
  • Curved Top Mail Bag
    Mail Bag
  • PVC Medical Kit Bag
    PVC Medical Kit Bag
  • Records Bag
    Records Bag
  • Flap Closure PVC Bag
    Flap Closure PVC Bag
  • Heavy Load Mail Bag
    Mail Bag
  • Heavy Duty Mail Bag
    Mail Bag
  • Extra Width Mail Bag
    Mail Bag
  • Ballot Bag - Small
    Ballot Bag - Small
    400 x 250 x 250 mm
  • Ballot Bag - Large
    Ballot Bag - Large
    450 x 600 x 450 mm
  • Custom Designed PVC Bags
    Custom Designed PVC Bags