ATLAS - Asset Tracking

ATLAS is an active RFID, low cost, long battery life, smartphone, air cargo and sensor ready tag.

This tag requires very low power and can operate from a coin battery for 5 years at a beacon interval of 3 seconds. It is effective in tagging non-battery powered assets such as trailers, transit cargo, pallet dollies, ULDs etc.

ATLAS can automatically enter into flight mode, making it air cargo ready. With the ability to be read by smartphones, there is no need to deploy any proprietary readers or scanners across entire networks, thus making it very easy and cost effective to roll out large scale deployments. Using the ATLAS platform, users across various networks can now track the asset’s location using ATLAS mobile and cloud applications.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 35mm
Width: 25mm
Depth: 10mm
Weight: 100g


Temperature: -30C to +70C operating
Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Frequency: ISM 2.4GHz GFSK modulation
Active Transmission Power: 9dBm
RX Sensitivity: -93dBm
Compliant: Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth v4.1


Battery: Coin Battery CR2045
Diagnostics: Reports low tag battery status


Security Sensor: Detect possible security breach

Protection Type

IP-65 intrusion protection from dust or water