Security labels ensuring safe food delivery

Due to COVID 19 restrictions many restaurants have adapted their business model and now offer takeaways. This has resulted in an increased awareness of food delivery safety.

Prior to COVID 19 concerns, security labels were already being used as part of the secure delivery process. Many restaurants identified a need to demonstrate to customers that the food being delivered was not tampered with in transit.

This need was highlighted when Channel 9 aired an episode of A Current Affair showing drivers eating from orders and then resealing containers destined for customers. In America a survey taken by US Foods said that a staggering 28% of delivery drivers said that they had taken food from orders.

As the awareness for secure food delivery increased so did number of security labels Harcor supplied to Australian restaurant chains and independent business.

If you are looking for labels for safe food delivery, the two most popular types of labels available are called Self Destruct and Residue Labels.

Self destruct labels work by breaking into fragments when removed to stop them from being replaced after application. The residue labels show a ''Open'' message on the packaging surface when removed. Both options give customers peace of mind that their delivery was not accessed during transit.

Unique serial numbering is a security feature that enables traceability. Harcor are known for the proprietary track and trace technology used to manage serial numbering. This is used to prevent number duplication and enable fast tracking.

Both labels styles are stocked pre-printed and uniquely serial numbered. The labels can be ordered with custom printing such as logos and are available in different sizes based on minimum order requirements.

Please click here to see the security labels available for food delivery, or contact us to discuss your special requirements.