Security Seal Numbering - it does not matter, until it does...

Being Australia’s first dedicated security seal supplier, with the unique capacity of local seal printing, has provided Harcor insight into the importance of seal number management.

If a legal issue occurs, being able to prove that a seal’s number was issued only to your company, is unique and cannot be easily procured again, is vital.

How can you determine if your supplier can produce documentation to assist you?

Asking these questions is when the flaws in procuring from companies that deem to be experts start to show. The reason for Harcor’s leadership in this area is the Exact and Track system, developed for this specific application.

Security Seal Numbering Protection

Above is an example of Harcor's Exact system preventing serial number duplication.  

When you are buying a security seal from Harcor, it is not simply the seal but also peace of mind that you have seal number integrity that can be backed up with documentation.

What is certified seal numbering? 

It was crucial that we established a seal numbering system that can demonstrate its assurance to conformity and regulatory requirements. That is why the developer's ISO certification was a prerequisite.

Harcor's custom serial management solution was developed in conjunction with Exact Software. The Exact Software management system conforms to NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015. The NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certificate specifically includes custom solutions in the scope.

We use the system to easily verify that the seal’s number is unique and has been supplied to our customer. In addition, the current NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certificate can be supplied.

Numbered Security Seals

If you are purchasing security seals, the unique number aspect should not be overlooked. Having this professionally managed, is the reason that Harcor is the oldest and most relied upon security seal supplier in Australia.