Themis® Seal
Themis Security  Seal - Yellow - Stock Numbering (1000 unit pack)
Themis Security  Seal - Yellow - Stock Numbering (1000 unit pack)
Themis Security  Seal - Pastel Blue - Stock Numbering (1000 unit pack)
Themis Security  Seal - Pastel Pink - Stock Numbering (1000 unit pack)
Themis Security  Seal - White - Stock Numbering & Barcoding (1000 unit pack)

Themis® Seal

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$192.50 Including GST


Themis is a Security Seal's name that was inspired by Themis the ancient Greek Titaness. Themis was described as "of good counsel", and is the personification of divine order, law and custom.

Core Specifications

Unit Of Measure




Pastel Blue

Pastel Pink


Unique Character

Stock Numbered

  • Harcor Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Custom Printing

Product Details

The large print featured on the security seal saves clients time when auditing numbers, as it can be done quickly without having to move closer to the seal for inspection. Adding barcodes to stock security seals enables customers to instantly change processes to include electronic recording of serial numbering if required.


  • Australian designed
  • Highly visible numbering
  • Barcode option
  • Sequential numbering
  • Matts of 5
  • Trays of 250 units
  • World-wide patents


High Impact Polystyrene

Carton Dimensions:

Carton Inner Box (5000 units)
Size: 680 mm x 190 mm x 180 mm
Weight: 7.6 kg

Strength Characteristics

Easily removed by hand


Can be used with all TEC 8 V2 chambered security bags.

Unit Dimensions

Overall width: 32 mm
Overall height: 29 mm

Custom Options (Additional costs apply)

One colour logo
Custom barcode
Custom numbering (logo seals only)
Custom minimum: ten thousand units

Tampering Exposed

Security Bag Chamber

The Themis Security Seal works exclusively with the TEC V2 chamber, that shows tamper evidence, if an attempt is made to remove the chamber from a bag. The legs (Tamper Indicator Points) will break out and this will be visible prior to re-opening.