Themis 8 Chamber
 Themis 8 Security Seal Chamber
 Themis 8 Security Seal Chamber
 Themis 8 Security Seal Chamber

Themis 8 Chamber

The Themis 8 Chamber is now being fitted to security bags. Themis 8 Chamber is part of the TEC series. TEC is the only security bag chamber series with tamper breakout points.
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Harcor has set a new standard in security bag sealing. Introducing the Themis 8 Chamber.

Core Specifications

Unit Of Measure



Light Blue

Product Details


  • Themis Security Seal compatible
  • Tamper indication break out point
  • Patent protected design
  • Use with #8 zip chain & slider
  • Flat or gusseted PVC bags compatible
  • Chamber standard colour light blue
  • False lock protection
  • Designed for regular easy use


Chamber - ABS

Tampering Exposed

Security Bag Chamber V4

Tamper evidence will show, if an attempt is made to remove the chamber from a bag. The legs (Tamper Indicator Points) will break out and this will be visible prior to re-opening.


Base 43 mm x 34 mm
Lid 40 mm x 30 mm

Fracture Safe

The video below shows how an attempt to remove the chamber reveals the break-out points.