Flexigrip 500M

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The FlexiGrip 500M is a multi-purpose, super heavy duty cable seal and provides the user with a high level of physical security.


  • C-TPAT (ISO 17712:2013) compliant.
  • Unique sequential serial numbering.
  • Built with a steel locking mechanism, hoisted in a dye-cast alloy body.
  • Non preformed galvanized aircraft cable unravels when cut.
  • Pull-through cable seal.
  • Smooth insertion.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Removable by heavy duty cable cutters only.
  • Patented locking mechanism.
  • 10 units in a bundle.


Steel locking mechanism, dye cast alloy body.
Non preformed galvanized cable (airline type).


Unit Length 300mm
Cable Diameter 5mm

Carton (200 units)

Size: 317 x 305 x 185mm
Weight: 16.5KG

Security Seal Numbering Video

Exclusive Serial Numbering Technology

  • Protects against serial number duplication.
  • Enables fast serial numbering and tracking.

Core Specifications:
Unit Of Measure
Unique Character
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