Ballot Bag - Small

The Ballot Box bags are designed specifically to meet government needs.

This resulted in the production of a Ballot Bag range that is durable, easy to use and store. The addition of two Zip Trap Chambers allows the users to seal the bag using any narrow diameter seal selecting their preferred level of security. The types of compatible seals can vary from indicative to high security cable seals for use when the Ballot Bag is in transit. The Zip Trap Chambers protect the external lid and the internal ballot compartment.

Main Features

  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Multiple sealing compartments
  • Durable for extreme handling

Bag Size

400x 250 x 250mm or custom


520 gsm PVC or custom

A5 Window

External access with hook & loop fabric closure

Inner Sleeve

Padded, removable & collapsible


Welded barcode window on lid


Internal added security


38mm webbed shoulder strap

Ballot Slot

Internal stiffening board


Two Zip Trap chambers

Zip Size

No.10 zipper and puller


Red or custom

Minimum order

200 units

The Ballot Bag system is approved for use by Electoral Commission Queensland. Ref: Peter McGraw (Assistant Director Local Government)

Custom Ballot Bag solutions also available.

Core Specifications:

Applications: Ballot Security

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