Food Services

Having the responsibility of securing products used for human consumption frequently involves choosing the appropriate security seals. Harcor has been trusted with providing security solutions to prevent contamination and unauthorised access for over fifty years.

When Harcor expanded its bag supply capabilities and started to manufacture and source a wider variety of bags, the food industry was among the first custom insulated bag customers.

The custom bags Harcor supplies the food industry are often insulated to maintain the temperature of its contents.

  • Insulated Bag
    Insulated Bag
  • Insulated Bag with Branding
    Insulated Bag with Branding
  • In-flight Catering Cooler Bag
    In-flight Catering Cooler Bag
  • Custom Designed Bag
    Custom Designed Bag
  • Insulated Bag
    Insulated Bag
  • Cotton Drawstring Bag
    Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • Custom Designed PVC Bags
    Custom Designed PVC Bags
  • Custom Designed Security Bag
    Custom Designed Bag One Trip Bag