UltraViolet Mini Money Detector

UltraViolet Mini Money Detector

The Mini Money Detector has a detecting magnetic sensor that is highly sensitive making it easy to identify security thread.
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In addition to security seals and security bags Harcor also offers a range of counterfeit protection products such as the UV Mini Money Detector.

Core Specifications


Counterfeit security
  • Harcor Warranty

Product Details


  • Ultraviolet Euro,Pound and US dollar detecting.
  • Magnetic printing ink detecting.
  • Magnetism security thread detecting.
  • Includes lanyard.


  • CE approved
  • RoHS Compliance

Unit Dimensions

88 mm (L) × 27 mm (W) × 23 mm (H)
Net weight: 32 grams

Batteries (Not Included)

Batteries: Ag 13 lithium cellx (Batteries are available at Bunning's or go to the Ozbatteries website to purchase online.)

Carton Dimensions (Gift box packing):

QTY/CTN: 200 units
Carton Size: 480 mm × 340 mm × 470 mm
N.W./CTN: 7 kg
G.W./CTN: 11 kg