S-TEC Chamber
S-TEC Security Seal Chamber
S-TEC Security Seal Chamber
S-TEC Security Seal Chamber

S-TEC Chamber

Security features of the bags that the S-TEC chamber is fitted to: All openings are secured with metal reversed zip fasteners and the bag is internally stitched. Bags must be fitted with an S-TEC Chamber and sealed with uniquely numbered Harclip seals only. The security bags may be ordered to size and could include an encapsulated window with barcode to uniquely identify the bag.

Please note that chambers are not sold separately from security bags.
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S-TEC chambers are part of the TEC series of chambers. The only chambers that show tamper evidence on the chamber itself, not just on the security seal, using tamper indicator points.

Core Specifications

Unit Of Measure




  • SCEC Approved

Product Details


  • S.C.E.C approved for use by Australian federal and state government agencies
  • Approved by New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS)
  • Tamper indication break out points
  • Patent protected design
  • S-TEC is designed for use with #8 zip chain & slider
  • Anchors to metal or nylon #8 zip slider
  • Suitable for fitting to flat or gusseted PVC bags
  • Chamber standard colour orange


Chamber - ABS / Harclip security seal - High Impact Polystyrene


Base 50 mm x 35 mm
Lid 40 mm x 29 mm

Tamper evidence

Tamper evidence will show, if an attempt is made to remove the chamber from a bag. The legs (Tamper Indicator Points) will break out and this will be visible prior to re-opening.


Sealed with the Harclip® security seal