A4 Platinum Government Bag
A4 Platinum Government Security Bag (500 Unit Carton)
A4 Platinum Government Security Bag (500 Unit Carton)
A4 Platinum Government Security Bag (500 Unit Carton)
A4 Platinum Government Security Bag (500 Unit Carton)

A4 Platinum Government Bag

The mouth of the bag is secured with security tape that reveals a void message if an attempt is made to open the bag by removing the tape. All Platinum Bags must include unique numbering for identification and platinum standard high-tech security tape.
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$323.40 Including GST


Harcor's S.C.E.C approved, security bag provides the highest level of security and strength.

Product Details


  • S.C.E.C approved for use by Australian federal and state government agencies.
  • Approved by New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS).
  • Exceptionally easy to use, durable, and versatile.
  • Bags can be customised with logos and barcode.
  • May be ordered to size.


3 layered co-extrude consists of LDPE and LLDPE. All platinum security bags will feature the number 4 LDPE recycling symbol.

Minimum Order

Stock: 500 bags
Custom printing: 20,000 bags

Advice on how to correctly seal a Platinum Security Bag

Step One: Open the bag on a flat surface and fill with contents. Do not overfill and inhibit the bag’s ability to close.

Step Two: Once you are ready to seal the bag, peel the backing tape off. This will reveal the adhesive. Without touching the adhesive, slide your finger across the outside of the bag across the full width of the security tape section. This will seal the bag. Some Platinum Security Bags include tear off receipts which include serial numbers that match the bags. These receipts should be removed and securely stored once the bag is sealed.

Platinum Security Bags include serial numbers. These serial numbers serve as a unique identifier. Harcor recommend having a procedure in place to record the numbers prior to use. Bags should be stored in a safe location when unused. Bags should only be issued to authorised individuals and documented.

Advice on how to correctly open a Platinum Security Bag

Step One: Check the serial number matches the recorded number. If the number does not match your records, please advise the appropriate authority.

Step Two: Cut the bag using a scissors across

Advice on tamper inspection of the Platinum Security Bag

Inspect the bag’s mouth for signs of tampering. If an attempt is made to open the bag by manipulating the security tape, a VOID OPENED message will show. Another sign of tampering is the colour of the “STOP” printed on the bags mouth changes to red. Check serial numbering for validity and inspect the physical bag and printing for manipulation. An appearance comparison should always be made against an authentic Platinum Security Bag.