Luggage Seal
Luggage Seals - Pack of 10
Luggage Seals - Pack of 10
Luggage Seals - Pack of 10

Luggage Seal

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Security for airport checked luggage.

Core Specifications

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Luggage protection
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Product Details

Easy and quick to apply luggage security seal that features a metal locking chamber, 200 mm length tail and is uniquely numbered.


  • Seals provide evidence of tampering.
  • Padlocks can be opened without your knowledge.
  • Padlocks can be and may be cut off by customs officers without your consent. This may also damage your luggage.
  • If your seals are broken upon collection of your luggage, check contents and report any problems to authorities.
  • Each seal is individually numbered and unique to you.
  • Self-locking seal - no tools required.
  • When removing your seals, simply twist to break or use scissors.

Instructions for use

1. Zip up luggage as per usual.

2. Insert the seals tails through the zips eyelets.

3. Pull the tail tightly through the “ENTER” side of the seal and secure.

4. Tear off and record the seal numbers on the “Luggage Seal Code Card” supplied below

5. Check your seals upon collection of your luggage and report any problems to authorities.

6. It is a good idea to adhere you checked luggage labels to your “Code Cards” where possible

Unit Dimensions

Length: Overall 255 mm
Operational 165 mm
Flag: 62 mm x 22 mm
Tail: 200 mm Length x 2 mm Diameter

Strength Characteristics

Average breaking strain 16 kg