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Kappa Seal

Single molded and variable length security seal. It is made with high quality polypropylene material. The strap is strong and durable. Ideal for applications that require rapid sealing, as the security seal is very quick to apply, saving users time.
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$291.50 Including GST


The secure and quick security sealing solution for bags and more.

Core Specifications

  • Harcor Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Custom Printing

Product Details

This seal enables super quick application and removal. Time efficiencies in the workplace improve productivity. That is why this seal was selected as the successor to our ever-popular Speed Seal. In addition to the smooth gliding action, the text "IN" is embossed above the sealing chamber, making sealing more intuitive for users. 


  • 10 seals per mat.
  • Tear feature for seamless removal.
  • Unique sequential serial numbering.
  • Gripping prongs for added security.
  • Self-locking seal.
  • Custom stamping available on request.




Single Seal
Overall length: 350 mm
Flag: 50 mm x 25 mm

Carton (1000 units)

Size: 535 mm x 282 mm x 205 mm
Weight: 5.3 kg


Bag sealing and more.