Hair-Pin 2000K is the most secure heavy-duty barrier seal for protection of cargo transported in containers or trailers.
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ONESEAL HAIR-PIN 2000K (Reusable container lock) - Barrier seal in hardened steel with key padlock.

Core Specifications

Unit Of Measure





Sealing containers
  • Harcor Warranty

Product Details


  • Removal by an electric cutting device or with a key.
  • Surface hardened steel barrier seal consisting of only 2 parts plus pin and padlock for locking.
  • Keys can be provided with identical codes for special purposes.
  • Can be applied on all ISO container types.
  • Company logo/name is engraved by use of high technology laser engraving which prevents tampering.
  • The seal is marked with bar code as standard.

Strength Characteristics

Breaking load of more than 3.5 tons.


Unit (incl. HSS Seal)
Weight 2.32 kg
Length 19.6 cm
Width 40.6 cm
Height 5.3 cm

Box (5 units)
Weight 11.96 kg
Length 35 cm
Width 24 cm
Height 7 cm

Special Order

Please note this product is not a standard stock item and special order delivery period applies.