500 Fit Note Bag
500 Fit Note Bag (2500 Unit Carton)
500 Fit Note Bag (2500 Unit Carton)

500 Fit Note Bag

$346.50 Including GST


Standard banking bag specially designed for hassle free cash management.

Core Specifications

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  • In Stock
  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Design

Product Details

The 500 Fit Note Bag is a commonly used banking bag. It is used to carry, store and manage cash. The special adhesive closure allows for easy sealing and the micro perforated holes enable breathability and removal of trapped air.


  • Adhesive closure
  • Write on audit panel
  • Micro perforated holes
  • Front and back printing
  • LDPE recycle icon

External Dimensions

170 mm x 250 mm + (25 mm flap)

Minimum Order

2,500 units

Custom Fit Note Bags

Custom Fit Note bags can be manufactures and tailored to your requirements. Minimum order for a Custom Fit Note Bag is 10,000