Coverall Range

Coverall Range

Coveralls offer protection and comfort to the user while dealing with a variety of hazards. Due to demand surge, the coveralls product range is varied, please contact our friendly sales team for information on the styles available.
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The coverall range is varied, contact us to find out what styles are currently available.

Core Specifications

  • Harcor Warranty

Product Details

Below is a description of our typical SMS Type 5 & 6 coverall with hood, please note product specifications will differ based on the style selected.


  • Comfortable elasticised hood
  • Zipper with storm flap
  • Elastic band at ankles
  • Elastic band at waist
  • Elastic band at wrist


86-94 cm chest
158-166 cm height

94-102 cm chest
166-174 cm height

102-110 cm chest
174-182 cm height

Extra Large 
110-118 cm chest
182-190 cm height

118-129 cm chest
190-198 cm height

129-141 cm chest
198-206 cm height


SMS 55 GSM film laminated PP

Minimum Order

1 Carton


CE category III PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 | TYPE 5 EN ISO 13982-1: Protection against solid particulates | TYPE 6 EN13034: Protection against limited liquid chemicals | EN1149-5: Anti-static | Electrostatic /EN14126: Protection against infective agents | EN1073-2: Class 1 Protection against radioactive contamination | EN ISO 13688: Protective clothing general requirements | EN 14325: Protective clothing against chemicals


As the coverall range is varied, please check with your sales representative on the certification for the style that you are interested in. Not all styles have the same certifications.