Car Seal
Car Seal
Car Seal
Car Seal

Car Seal

Car Seals are used to easily and securely lock valves in the open or closed position. This is in addition to a wide list of varied sealing applications. The colour of the security seal and markings indicate the valve's position. In some case the colour is also used to identify the substance that flows through the valve. These seals are available in custom length and diameter. Printing options include logo, sequential numbering and barcodes.
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High security, easy to use value lockout cable seal.

Core Specifications


Sealing valves
  • Harcor Warranty
  • Custom Printing

Product Details

Versatile cable seal that provides the user with a high level of physical security.


  • Non preformed galvanized aircraft cable unravels when cut.
  • Custom printing including logo.
  • Unique sequential serial numbering and barcoding.
  • Self-locking seal - no tools required.
  • Pull-through cable seal.
  • Smooth insertion.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Removable by bolt cutter only.


Custom Length: Frequently ordered in 300 mm and 600 mm

Cable Diameter: Frequently ordered in 1.5 mm and 3 mm


Steel locking mechanism, dye cast alloy body. Non preformed galvanized cable (airline type).


Logo / Text 
Numbering (Logo'd seals only) 
Barcode (Logo'd seals only)

Minimum Order

Order quantity for custom size and print Car Seal: 500 units.

For smaller volume orders, please view the Cable Seal collection.