Bluecurrent Energy Seal
Bluecurrent Energy Seal

Bluecurrent Energy Seal

This security seal can only be purchased if you have a Bluecurrent ID. The seal is used for sealing enclosure boxes, time switches, electricity meters, circuit breakers, safety switches and more.

Once you've placed your order online, please email a photo of your Bluecurrent ID and order number to to ensure prompt processing.

Your order will not be dispatched until we've received the email containing your Bluecurrent photo ID.

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$132.00 Including GST


The security seal's tail is sealed using the Harcor Sealing Press with tongue & groove dies or similar.

Core Specifications

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Sealing meters
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Product Details


  • Narrow diameter tail
  • Easy to crimp with your existing sealing press or with the Harcor sealing press.
  • 20 seals per mat
  • Used in place of lead seals.


Polypropylene (recycling code 5)


Unit overall length: 228 mm
Flag: 24 mm x 10 mm x 0.5 mm

Carton (5000 units)

Size: 585 mm x 310 mm x 265 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg