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703 Barrier Security Seal

The 703 Barrier Seal is made from A3 steel and aluminium alloy. It is a heavy-duty barrier seal for protection of cargo transported in shipping containers or trailers.
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$49.50 Including GST


The 703 seal blocks container doors & provides excellent security.

Core Specifications

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Product Details

Hardened steel barrier security seal consisting of only two parts plus a locking pin. It is easy to apply. The company logo/name can be printed on the locking mechanism. Available at an affordable price. Minimum order quantity applies for custom printing. Contact us today to learn more.


The 703 seal stops tampering of container door handles. Removal is done by an electric disc cutting device.


Lock body: steel construction (polished) 
Lock pin: low carbon steel (galvanised)

Bar Dimensions

Length: 448 mm

Width: 44 mm


Breaking Force

> 35KN

Carton Packaging

10 pieces per carton

Size: 47.5 cm x 33.5 cm x 13.5 cm

Gross weight: 19.5 kg