Social Responsibility

Harcor has always been supportive of initiatives designed to help Australia’s indigenous communities.

In July 2018 Harcor first announced its membership with Supply Nation. This was to further reinforce our commitment to diversity within the procurement process.

Supply Nation is the Australian leader in supplier diversity. They collaborate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to help them create relationships and do more business.

Harcor Social Responsibility Policy -Supply DiversityHarcor has and will continue to include indigenous businesses in our supply chain and this year again will use our membership to further develop our diversity footprint. View current membership certificate.

Supply Nation Events

To learn more about Supply Nation, Harcor recommend participating in a Supply Nation event.

Designed to support the vibrant and sustainable indigenous business sector, there are events across the country throughout the year. These include training initiatives and online networking events.

Some Supply Nation events are open to the general public, and others are only open to the Supply Nation community.

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Supporting Charities

The Heartland Foundation helps those that have been forgotten. Last year SBS spent a week documenting the living conditions of one location, Freemans Caravan Park, which has been recognised for being the end of the line for people with nowhere else to go. In December Harcor donated three pallets of sanitiser that was then distributed to multiple charities, including Heartland. This was done to aid communities in staying safe during this difficult period. For more information visit 


For more information visit: