Why serial number integrity is a crucial component of Security Seal purchases.

When you buy a security seal from Harcor you are not only purchasing quality physical security seals. The seals from Harcor often contain serial number security. Having companies trust Harcor for over four decades with their security has resulted in the development and maintenance of what Harcor considers the most advanced security seal numbering system available.

Security Seal Printing

The main reason most businesses use serial numbering is to track and trace items in the supply chain. When security seals are removed, the serial number is normally checked against the manifest or security log. The integrity and accuracy of the serial numbers being supplied is therefore a crucial part of the supply chain process. Errors such as number duplication can lead to product recall and theft. Harcor fully understand the significant importance of serial number management, tracking millions of new serial numbers every year.

Harcor’s ERP software has been reengineered to provide an advanced serial number tracking solution incorporating fundamental number duplication safeguards. The system developed is called the Exact & Track.

Security Seal Tracking

The Exact & Track system securely stores serial number data, protects against serial number duplication, enables fast serial numbering and tracking. It is not until a company is asked to track a serial number that the speed and accuracy of the system stands out. Harcor can attest to the key role Exact & Track software module plays in maintaining their ongoing leadership position in the security seals market.

At the end of the day Harcor’s clients are not only purchasing physical security seals, but due to the serial numbering, also peace of mind. Harcor continue to invest in both hardware and software, such as Exact & Track, to maintain its reputation for reliability.