Why Security Seal printing is a popular branding choice.

In the environment that we live in today, it is essential that businesses deter and expose unauthorised access. From containers to food bag deliveries and the vast number of other sealing applications in-between, security seals continue to be used to reveal tampering.

Security Seals branding

Security seals now more than ever also play a role in brand awareness. As businesses include security sealing as part of their operations and packaging, the branding featured on the seals demonstrates their commitment to security.

Having established the first, and to Harcor’s knowledge, the only dedicated security seal printing service in Australia, Harcor remain committed to offering custom security seal printing. Local printing operations includes both thermal transfer and hot foil stamping.

As many security seals have a limited print area, precision stamping is critical. Clients benefit greatly from the stamping experience and expertise offered by Harcor. The standard printing tapes that are carried in stock are black and white for thermal transfer printing; and black, white, blue, green, yellow and red for hot foil stamping.

As Harcor supply a large variety of security seals, branding options vary greatly from one seal to another. Not only do the branding options vary, certain seals can be branded in smaller quantities such as one thousand units while others require a greater minimum volume. Due to this, if you are looking to have security seals stamped with a logo, barcodes or something out of the ordinary, please contact Harcor for assistance and professional advice.