Five key points to consider when evaluating the use of security seals

A security seal is primarily designed to show that an item has not been tampered with since the act of sealing took place. When evaluating the use of security seals for the first time these are 5 key points to consider.

Security Seals Sealing Advice

  1. An effective security seal cannot be removed without destroying it's capacity to be used again.

  2. Security seals provide a degree of security that standard locks cannot as standard locks can be opened and relocked without leaving evidence of that occurrence whatsoever.

  3. As with all security hardware, security seals require effective administration.

  4. Administration is the task of issuing, recording, applying and removing of security seals. When possible, written procedures should be in place.

  5. Ideally, serially numbered security seals should be used as the number gives each seal a recordable unique identity and deters unauthorised replacement.

For example, cargo containers require the serial number of the seal to be recorded on documentation accompanying the container on all stages of its travel. The consignee can then check the serial number prior to opening to ensure no illicit entry has taken place on route.

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