Have you ever wondered why black is not a popular security seal colour?

Polypropylene being a thermoplastic polymer is the preferred material to use when manufacturing plastic seals. This is due to the material warping and burning easily when heated compared to other plastics such as Nylon. If an effort is made to tamper with the polypropylene security seal and reattach two parts via a heating technique the tampering would be clearly noticeable. The example photographed below shows the blue S Grip Security Seal revealing tampering. The material's colour changes to black when heated. The colour change would have not been noticeable had the seal colour been black.

Security Seal Example

Security Seal Recommendations

Harcor plastic security seals are serial numbered. These serial numbers serve as a unique identifier. Harcor recommends having a procedure in place to record the numbers prior to use and removal. Security seals should be stored in a secure location. All security seals should be inspected for tampering before removal. A comparison should always be made against a known genuine seal. You can view the range of Harcor’s Security Seals here or contact us now to discuss how we can assist you.