The powerful B2B ordering portal's functionality has unquestionably increased since its 2011 launch. Numerous ordering portals have gone live since then being tailored to the specific needs of some of Australia’s largest retail, security and commercial businesses. Security seals, bags and many other diverse products are now frequently procured online using the ordering portals.

It is not only the simplicity of the portals that has impressed clients, the configurable widgets have enabled Harcor’s customer portals to meet and exceed their client’s various needs.

The real-time stock count widget results in full warehousing transparency. After a client’s prior supplier had not been able to fulfil their stock holding obligations, they stated that “had the supplier used an ordering portal with stock holding transparency, the supply shortages would never have occurred”.

Top 7 Harcor Ordering Portal Benefits

1: All client portals are locally hosted at Harcor’s head office in Sydney with onsite technical support.

2: The B2B portals are fully flexible regarding password management. Clients can select portal users and their passwords.

3: Multi browser support enables users to place orders from popular browsers including those installed on mobile devices.

4: Customisable portal branding & item categories. Only the items an organisation has approved for ordering are displayed on their portal, eliminating the potential for error.

5: No waiting for order confirmations. An email is sent out instantly when an order is placed. The order is also automatically uploaded into the system, further streamlining the supply chain process.

6: Easy and fast implementation. With ecommerce usage being a standard practice today, the portals require little to no training for most users.

7: Feature rich ordering experience. The ability to order from past orders, save favourite products and see live stock holding makes procurement so much easier!

For those companies that wish to take advantage of Harcor’s ordering portal technology, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.