Custom Bag Manufacturing – Harcor Australia

Harcor has manufactured a broad range of customised bags since 1969. Some of the bag styles being manufactured include emergency, mail, pizza and security bags. The bag manufacture methodology for getting a new bag design ready for production includes: project kickoff, design and approval.

Project kickoff

Upon receipt of a bag design brief, the project team will review the brief in terms of intended use, volume required, size and material to be used. At this point the production, delivery time frames and any special requests the client has are established.

Bag Manufacturer -Custom Designs

Design & Approval

A draft design will be submitted to the client for review and approval. The design will be shaped by the client’s input and will factor the bags dimensions, material, position of zips, if required, and other features such as insulation for example. For complex bags Harcor will always provide a prototype for approval by the client before production commences.

Bag Manufacturer

If you are considering having a basic bag manufactured or something more complex, contact us for assistance and professional advice.