Harcor supply Woven Bags to the Blacktown City Council for a major project that fosters recycling awareness.

The durable large woven bags are ideal for storing recycling. The bag features illustrations of the most common consumer recycled items: Plastic bottles and containers - Aluminium and steel cans - Glass bottles and jars -  Milk, food and drink containers -  Paper and cardboard.

Woven Polypro Bags

The woven bags are made from polypropylene material that is 100% recyclable and includes 35mm webbed handles for easy movement and storage. Woven bags have recently increased in popularity and have been substituting the plastic bags where appropriate, gaining popularity among major retail stores.

Harcor offer woven bags in a variety of sizes with various handle options. The bags supplied to Black Town City Council included laminate and printing. Woven bags were selected by the Blacktown City Council as the bags are hard wearing and easy to clean.

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