HARCOR is providing the latest wireless electronic keying system for the world’s first deployment of the ASSA ABLOY product.

The electronic keying system is called eCLIQ. Harcor is the local distributor for this innovative product. Having gained overwhelmingly positive feedback from their aviation industry client, Harcor has been catapulted into focusing on building increased awareness for eCLIQ.

Electronic Keying System

eCLIQ was in development stage as Harcor, in conjunction with ASSA ABLOY, were working on providing an electronic keying solution to one of Australia’s largest aviation businesses. This resulted in the fast tracking of this product to Australia prior to its worldwide release!

Having ASSA ABLOY’s latest system being adopted first in Australia, continues to show that when it comes to companies migrating to technology that offers improved efficiencies, Australia are not afraid to lead the way.

What makes eCLIQ a fantastic product is that it offers an electronic access system without the need for wiring that can retrofit into current doors and locks. One of the many advantages of this is the reduced cost of installation and the ability to provide seamless access control in remote locations. The product also offers the type of features you would expect from the latest technology such as programmable access rights, time scheduling, audit trails, blocking of lost keys and more. What might come as a pleasant surprise to clients is that it's also a cost effective solution.

For more detailed information visit the product page or contact HARCOR, the ASSA ABLOY® eCLIQ official distributor (Australia).