New wireless access control system that can remotely program keys using your phone or tablet.

On the horizon for 2017 and being unveiled next month is the new version of the eCLIQ system titled CLIQ Go. It will have two major differences. The first advancement is that you can use a phone or tablet to remotely program keys via bluetooth. The second change is that unlike the standard eCLIQ wireless access control system that has been deployed chiefly by large business, the new system will be more than a suitable solution for both small and medium size clients.

If you wish to see a demonstration, act fast and contact us. Not only can we arrange a demonstration for you offsite but can also do this onsite as our Melbourne office is switching over to the new system this month.

Wireless Access Control System

HARCOR are the ASSA ABLOY® eCLIQ official distributor (Australia). Harcor, in conjunction with ASSA ABLOY were working on providing an electronic keying solution for one of Australia’s largest aviation businesses. This resulted in the fast tracking of the product to Australia prior to its worldwide release this year. For more detailed eCLIQ information visit the product page.