Why unique QR code security seals are gaining popularity

QR code security seals increase efficiency and give supply chain operators more insight into the stock they are moving. 

Ensuring supply chain security is challenging. No individual firm or institution has full visibility over goods as they make their way to the final consumer. This is evident by the number of counterfeit goods found in the economy.

Security Seals wit printed QR code
QR code security seals are helping to change this. These unique tags are gaining popularity for their ability to protect goods and help operatives track products as they make their way through the supply chain. Traditional security seals are primarily used for tamper evidence, QR code-equipped versions make it considerably easier to track goods and determine chain of custody. 
Security Seals - QR code exampleThere are practical benefits too. QR codes are now universally understood and familiar. Operatives know that scanning them can help identify the origins of a product and ensure that it is within date. Like barcodes, they identify items, but they can also carry additional information for product life cycle tracking, including serial numbers, part numbers, dates and lots. Adding QR codes to security seals improves insights and helps supply chain managers operate more efficiently.

For instance, QR codes are vital for inventory management. They help suppliers determine how many goods they have in stock. They can also contain contact information about the supplier, facilitating quick resolutions, should any product quality issues arise.

Furthermore, QR-equipped security codes don’t require significant equipment changes to implement. Companies already have the means to read codes using their existing devices, allowing more firms to integrate them into their processes.

For added security and visibility Harcor recommend using QR2id codes. These are QR codes with enhanced features allowing you to securely store and manage information associated to the code.

If you are looking for a way to improve your supply chain security, QR2id code security seals may be the answer. Harcor can help you get set up with these seals quickly and easily so that you can start enjoying their benefits immediately. Contact us today to learn more.