Why the Food Industry trusts Harcor's Security Seals!

Being responsible for securing products used for human consumption often involves choosing the appropriate Security Seals.

Using a high security seal and check procedures reduces the opportunity for contamination. Being able to deter or detect accidental or deliberate contamination greatly reduces liability.

The variety of security seals used by the food industry includes indicative seals, barrier seals and cables seals. Cable seals are used to deter unauthorised access to restricted areas as they require removal by cable cutters. The uniquely numbered cable seal's cable frays when removed showing a clear sign of access.

Having a sealing system in place not only prevents costly contamination issues, it also can prevent access to areas that could result in injury.

Those responsible for human safety trust Harcor as Harcor has Australia's largest range of tried and trusted security seals and have serviced the food industry for well over thirty years.