Why choose a reusable face mask?

Having supplied many different types of face masks, we are getting asked about the selection process.

Why choose a reusable face mask - news

Those facing the front line of the pandemic often use completely different masks to the general public. What makes one mask different from another? Based on what Harcor has supplied there are two major factors: fit and filter. Surgical face masks seem to be a common choice by the public. The design is completely different to the sealed fit of a respirator style mask like EV98, N95 and P2.

Surgical face masks have been described in an OSHA video as part of the face mask category that are loose fitting and disposable, covering your nose and mouth, stopping droplets from being spread by the wearer and keeping splashes and sprays from reaching the nose or mouth of the wearer.

A tight seal is required for the EV98, N95 and P2 mask types to ensure air only flows through the mask’s filter material. These masks need to meet minimum requirements for flow rate, inhalation resistance pressure and filter performance. Various metrics are considered when assessing protection against air borne diseases.

Reusable face masks can be considered a very cost-effective face covering choice due to repeat usage. They also look far more fashionable than the handkerchief and string option. The Harcor 3-layer mask is washable and is a practical choice for non-medical environments. With custom printing and colour options, businesses are now electing to supply this to their staff, having conducted cost assessments on reuse. Not only are the masks aesthetically pleasing, quality fabric and stitching make them comfortable to wear. One of Australia’s largest chain of fast food restaurants has already transitioned to Harcor’s reusable masks.

Based on having supplied a very broad range of face masks, the main factors in selecting a face mask is determined by the user’s risk level and environment. Evaluating the appropriateness of fit when donning is also essential.

The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice. Harcor strongly recommend getting professional medical advice before selecting and using any medical products.