What to look for in a key management system

The Traka smart key control solution is one of the key management systems available from HarcorThe best physical key management systems

In today’s world, security is of utmost importance. Part of a robust risk management strategy is understanding how to protect your company’s assets, facilities and sensitive information.

One component of an effective security system is key management. A key management system allows businesses to maintain control over their keys. There are many advantages of good key tracking including increased productivity, streamlined operations and better security.

However, not all key management systems are created equal. Here we look at what to consider when you’re choosing key management systems for your business.

Depending on the size of your organisation, you may not need all the features we describe. However, it’s important to consider what you might need now and in the future.

What is a key management system?

 A key management system is exactly what it sounds like – it allows businesses to maintain control over their physical keys. Good key management is important for any industry that needs to keep track of assets, people, or space. Some of these include:

  • Security, police and jails
  • Data centres
  • Car dealerships
  • Transport companies
  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Casinos

A lack of good key control can become costly to organisations, both financially and through reputation loss. When you don’t know who has access to your keys, you could lose time looking for them. When you lose keys, it can cause supply chain disruptions, increase the potential for theft and lead to significant financial costs.

What are some important features in a key management system?

Durable, centralised key storage

The core feature is a centralised electronic key cabinet that is durable, tamper evident and easy to use.

The IKLAS Key Management System is a perfect example. They’re rugged, durable and easy to maintain.

IKLAS electronic key cabinet

Key tracking and accountability

Another primary purpose of a key management system is to make sure you know who has what key and when. Look for a system that has role-based access control. This means you can assign specific permissions based on a person’s role within your organisation.

The system should enable you to assign keys to specific people and track their movements. It should also have automatic notifications and reminders for overdue keys.

Many electronic key cabinets like the Key-Where smart key control solution alerts you when incorrect keys are removed or put back in the wrong place.

Reporting capabilities

An effective key management system should provide reporting capabilities so you can easily do key audits. It should log all key-related activities, including key distribution, returns and transfers.

The Traka21 Electronic Key Cabinet has this feature. It allows you to track key usage, identify any irregularities and maintain accountability.

User-friendly interface

Your electronic key cabinet should be intuitive and user-friendly. It should have a clean and organised interface so your employees can navigate it easily.

It should also offer features like bulk key actions, quick search capabilities and colour coding, so you can do a real time reconciliation at a glance.


When you’re choosing a key management system, consider the future growth of your organisation. Make sure the system is scalable and flexible enough to accommodate your business as it grows.

It should be capable of handling a growing number of keys, users and locations without reducing its performance. The IKLAS key management system is an ideal example of a system that can scale up or down.

key management system scalability

Encryption and data security

Security should be a top priority when dealing with key management systems. The physical key management software should have robust encryption algorithms to safeguard sensitive data. It should make sure that data remains protected if unauthorised access occurs.

Also, ask about the system's data backup and recovery mechanisms in case of unexpected events, such as power blackouts.

Remote access

It’s increasingly important to manage key access remotely. Look for key management systems that offer web-based interfaces so authorised personnel can manage keys no matter where they are.

This feature enhances flexibility, especially in situations where immediate key access or updates are required.

When you need to enhance your security measure, selecting the right key management system is a critical decision for organisations. It not only protects your valuable assets but also brings efficiency, accountability and peace of mind to your security operations.

Harcor has the latest range of key management solutions for your business. If you’re looking for advice on key management, please contact our friendly team.