Understanding Key Management System integrations to third-party platforms like Gallagher

Key holders don’t want to be unnecessarily swamped with multiple systems. That is why introducing electronic key cabinets with real-time integration to current security or human resource systems make sense.

It is not uncommon for companies to be disappointed with bogus integration promises. The suggestion that a secure and reliable key management system API can be developed on-the-fly, without anticipating the time involved in effectively testing it, is preposterous. Being in the security industry, this is certainly not an avenue we recommend.

The IKLAS2Gallagher is an interface that has been promoted by Gallagher for good reason. Being a high-level interface, it easily prevents duplication of data entry, card holders and access control groups. This is achieved via sending real-time transactions to the Gallagher Command Centre.

Key Management Gallagher Integration - Electric Key Cabinet

Configuration options such as anti-tailgating, which prevents cardholders from exiting the facility if a key has not been returned to the key cabinet, is another good example of the benefits of this integration.

The high-level Gallagher integration is available on both the IKLAS Classic and ELITE electronic key cabinet series. These cabinets auto sync with the IKLAS CMS (central management system). The CMS auto syncs with the IKLAS2Gallagher integration.

The Gallagher Command Centre and this high-level integration provides the flexibility needed to tailor the system to meet your unique key management requirements.

It is not only the Gallagher platform that the IKLAS key management system excels in providing a seamless integration with.

Many other third-party platforms have benefited from integration with IKLAS. The advantages of the integration include: reduced administrative time, data accuracy, comprehensive reporting, more efficient control and ease of maintenance.

HR or Access Control System integration enables users to effortlessly manage data from the existing database. The data records can track alarms and events. Transactions will be synchronised providing users with comprehensive reports. This type of reporting is often needed to meet internal and external audit requirements.

IKLAS Central Control Management System offers a real-time and adaptive control of the key management cabinets within a client's secured network. This includes both Client and Web Based application platforms.

These platforms offer clear-cut rules, procedures and guidelines relating to different managerial aspects. Leveraging on powerful Structure Query Language (SQL), the dynamic reports generator provides comprehensive reports to fulfil and achieve organisational goals.

If CMS control and high-level integration with other security systems is not a requirement, the IKLAS LITE could be exactly what you are looking for.

Electric Key Cabinet - Integration Platforms

This cost-effective electronic key cabinet includes some ‘bells and whistles’ normally only associated with high-tech key cabinets, like its big brother the IKLAS-ELITE. The cabinet includes an industrial grade touchscreen and many other essential key management attributes.

Deciding what ‘road to go down’ regarding key management can be overwhelming. That is why we are always looking for ways to seamlessly integrate key management systems within the current business environment. From high-level configurations to simple access card integration, we are ready to help.

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